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We are not just a hotel, we are way more than providing you bed and breakfast. You are clicking “Book Now” with us not really looking for a nice spa or huge swimming pool in the gym. The facilities that we offer in Tung Nam Lou are all well-thought and we want to offer you an extraordinary stay. We want to make you feel different, from the tiny things like the decor you pass through, the tea you sip, the souvenir you pick from our shop to the coffee or drink you choose from the cafe, the tours you could join, and of course the pictures you could take to post on your social media!

Click ‘Book now’ with more anticipation, let us bring you on an exciting journey, and enjoy Hong Kong in the TNL way.

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Art Community Hub

Accompany yourself with like-minded art-lovers and art-workers.

Everyone has different interpretations when it comes to art. But art itself is always about the emotional connection amongst us, which is an essential and borderless element, in any culture and community. We believe everyone has the right to appreciate and create art. We hope to provide a platform that truly belongs to the Art Community, allowing all walks of life to enjoy free and unobstructed access to arts, with mutual respect, that truly promotes “art for all”. Our Art Community Hub provides self-serviced open spaces of different themes, including Art Lab, where we encourage art experiments; Soul Room, arranged with curated works about arts and cultures, allowing visitors to enjoy their time alone, and bring themselves to the therapeutic effects of art.


Picky Coffee & Tea

Novel sensorial experience

Your hotel experience must include a nice bar or coffee shop serving delicacies carefully prepared by the team. You would expect the same in Tung Nam Lou, but the experience is spiced up with some extraordinary elements. Tasting is a form of art, and PICKY Cafe offers tasting art experiences across coffee, tea, chocolate, and even liquors. Visit us and get on a relaxing and restorative journey to help you determine what flavours you prefer. Start your artsy sensorial journey now!

All individuals and corporations are also welcome for private events, workshops and team building activities. Inquire more with our team NOW.


Time-transcending venue for
memorable events

House of Memories

House of Memories is originated from the interwoven sentiment of the new and the old. The exhibition is set out to differentiate from any regular antique store or museum. In here, antiques are given new lives and meanings, traveling across time and space, and into our modern lives, making them more than just exhibits. Certainly, rotary phones, gramophones, and old newspapers are evidence of the changes in our society. Time magically infused these once common, ordinary and functional home items with essence and soul.

Being here, you could come to uncover various undiscovered details and hear about the many different narratives behind the antiques from different times. From such, you may explore their interpretations of the societies, cultures, and history of the time. You may also take pictures with them here, or even rent the venue for birthday celebrations, proposals, or pre-wedding shoots- embedding some beautiful reminiscence into your memorable events.

We also welcome everyone to purchase these antique items home, whether it is for purposes of decoration, collection, appreciation, gifting or personal use; or if you like to pick an antique that has special meaning for your own, you can appoint us to help you to look for “the one” and grant them a second life. Integrating both lives together and appreciating the intertwined beauty of the new and the old, and creating new modern narratives for each antique.

Art Shop

Art at your choice

Visit our art market on the 22nd floor, ArT Your Choice is a platform for art makers to create and share; a space for art lovers to experience and possess. You can see through the dedication of the artist behind every artwork, with stories, emotions, craftsmanship all intertwined to produce the work of perfection. We offer sourcing, consultancy and advisory services to choose your best fitted work for your workplace, home, gift purposes. We also provide consignment services if you are artists that wish to gain more exposure for your work.

The Heart of Every Wonder.

Situated in the heart of Hong Kong, Yau Ma Tei has lots to offer. We work hard to introduce the hidden gems of Yau Ma Tei to you, in order to preserve the diminishing local culture and footprints before they fade out.

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